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Thank you for showing interest in the Scrum Cards.

This deck of cards has been developed to train your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the Scrum framework. Each card refers to one of the elements that together form the Scrum framework.

I check the scrum guide frequently. It’s because I am a Scrum Master and I am responsible for the Scrum process. Every word in this guide has been chosen carefully. Sometimes I need to look up the exact wording to ensure I got it right. If I don’t fully understand this framework deeply, I cannot guide teams to enact it.

I noticed that reading the Scrum guide over and over helps to discover deeper relationships between the elements of Scrum. As I am progressing in becoming a Scrum Trainer at, I felt that more can be done to support learning the Scrum framework. I discovered for example there is a number of elements that Scrum refers to, but are not official a part of Scrum. Seeing those grouped together makes sense. And I found out that there is so much to learn and understand in between the lines of the Scrum guide that can be made more visible. I felt the need to pack the Scrum guide in a comprehensive set of cards that would help people:

  • to deepen their understanding of the Scrum guide
  • to have a cheat sheet in their daily work
  • to teach Scrum with a playful game

I hope I succeeded. The cards enumerate the most important facts of all elements of scrum: its roles, artifacts, events, and closely related supporting elements (like stakeholders, DoD, etc). I added information that ties all elements together to help you discover the relationships between them. My nephew Sydyh created a crisp visual design and added color coding to make those relationships stand out even more.

Finally it crossed my mind I often get a set of planning poker cards as a gift at numerous occasions. The Elements of Scrum card deck could be potentially interesting as merchandising material as well, so I made sure companies can add their company logo to customize their cards. I would personally find it useful to get these cards as a gift after a PSM training to prepare for the exam.

Do want more details? Here’s an unpacking movie:

I hope you like the cards and find them valuable.


The Elements of Scrum is a card deck describing the Scrum guide.

Possible uses:
1. Use these cards as flash-cards to memorise all aspects of the Scrum framework elements.
2. Carry these cards with you as a portable version of the Scrum guide to verify aspects of a Scrum element during your daily work.
3. Use the cards to play the “Elements of Scrum” game (Instructions included in the deck).

Prices vary from Eur 9,50 (inc VAT) for a single deck to Eur 5,50 for large batches (ex VAT). The cards are printed on high quality 300 gr double matte laminated cardboard. The cards can be customized with your company logo without additional cost (minimum batch of 30 sets).

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