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A pocketsize deck of cards to train and deepen your knowledge of the Scrum Framework

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Who said learning Scrum isn’t fun?

This deck of cards has been developed to train your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the Scrum framework. Each card refers to one of the elements that together form the Scrum framework.

Deepen your knowledge of the Scrum Framework

Each card holds a comprehensive overview of the properties of an element of the Scrum framework.

See relations between elements in a glance

Colour-coded references between the elements of Scrum enhance your understanding.

Make learning about Scrum more fun

Learning Scrum from the ScrumCards is more engaging than reading the Scrum Guide in its original form.

Customizable with your company logo

Personalize the standard ScrumCards with your company logo and contact details.

Printed on thick, high quality matte paper

To maintain our high-quality standards we print and ship physical cards.

ScrumCards© describe the elements of Scrum

A note from the author

I created the ScrumCards© when I was preparing for my Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) license. I discovered the fundamentals of Scrum and learned how all elements of Scrum tie together and support empiricism and Lean thinking. The more I studied the Scrum Guide, the harder I found it to grasp all the information in it. That is because there is such high information density in the Scrum Guide and all elements are interrelated.

Sharing my insights will help you with understanding and mastering Scrum.

Roland Flemm

I ordered all the elements of the Scrum framework and collected all relevant properties of each of the elements. The puzzle I tried to solve was: How do all the elements relate to each other? In what way does each element implement the Scrum Theory? What do I need to know to implement Scrum correctly?

I initially developed the ScrumCards to better understand the 2017 version of the Scrum Guide. If the 2020 Scrum Guide release would have been perfect, there would be no need for a 2020 edition of the ScrumCards. I feel there is value in reshaping the content of the 2020 Scrum Guide into ScrumCards:

  • A physical pocket-size summary of the guide’s contents promotes learning
  • Showing how the elements of Scrum are grouped in families improves understanding
  • A card-based concise overview of the elements of Scrum creates transparency
  • Coding each identity with its own colour offers additional insight in how the elements are related
  • ScrumCards clarify how each element of Scrum ties back to transparency, inspection and adaptation

In the 2020 version of the Scrum Guide, I see twenty elements of Scrum. I summed up all there is to know about each element to understand the Scrum framework. For each type of element identical properties are listed. Explicit descriptions for every property unlocks a wealth of information. And give a better understanding of how the elements of Scrum tie together into this elegant framework.

One deck, multiple uses

The ScrumCards© are not designed for Scrum Masters only. My intention is to offer a complementary way to access and understand the beauty and power of the Scrum framework.


Use the ScrumCards© as flashcards to memorise all aspects and relations of the elements of the Scrum framework.


Carry the ScrumCards© with you as a portable version of the Scrum Guide to verify aspects of Scrum elements during your daily work.


Use ScrumCards© to share and spread the power of empiricism and Lean thinking.

Meet the family

The ScrumCards© were carefully designed using colour codings for each element. Each colour represents a family of elements of Scrum, helping us to see how the Scrum framework is structured.

Clear categories

Each element of the Scrum framework categorized with a colour and an icon.

Visible relations

Each relationship between elements is marked in its respective colour.

Fresh color palette

Appealing colours carefully chosen to support learning.

High quality print

Printed on extra heavy 330 GSM double matted (water resistant) cardboard.

Comprehensive design

All information per Scrum element is structured and categorized consistently.

Continuously updated

The ScrumCards are updated to match the latest version of the ScrumGuide.

Customized set, no extra cost.

The Scrum ScrumCards© can be customized with your company logo and contact details without additional cost (minimum batch of 15 sets).

Make the ScrumCards© your own by branding them so they will serve not only as an educational but also as a promotional tool.

Customer experiences

Scrum cards have helped us enormously in spreading the body of thought and in keeping the discussions alive. Highly recommended for those who want to draw attention (again) to the basis of Scrum!


Companies that already discovered Scrum Cards

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ScrumCards© can only be ordered in physical format. Shipping costs form the Netherlands will apply and depend on your location. The cards are printed on high quality 300 grammes double matte laminated cardboard. The quality of the cards makes them a valuable tool that will last for many years.

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© Roland Flemm